Recoupling the world

Social prosperity has become decoupled from economic prosperity. Ever more people sense disempowerment in the face of globalization and digitalization and feel socially estranged in the face of migration flows and terrorism. This generates political and environmental problems with huge implications for our future. The world needs actions for recoupling social and economic prosperity.

This is what the Global Solutions Summit is about: recoupling the world. In May 2017, this high-level summit brought together the world’s leading think tanks and over 1.000 participants in Berlin. Their common mission: to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our planet and to propose research-based policy solutions to the G20 leaders.

On this page, you will find the full video documentation of the conference, image galleries, summit results (“20 Solution Proposals for the G20”) and information on our Young Global Changers scholarship programme. For additional information on the T20 policy recommendations for the G20, you may also check and

The next Global Solutions Summit will take place on 28 and 29 May 2018 in Berlin. The summit comes midway into Argentina's G20 Presidency and aims to provide policy recommendations on major G20 issues as input into the T20 process. Register for our summit news and stay updated.