Global Solutions Initiative


The Global Solutions Initiative provides a new, permanent, supportive advisory structure to G20 and G7. Independent of the official processes, yet firmly connected with official engagement groups and working groups, the initiative delivers independent, long-term oriented policy briefs for world leaders.

The Global Solutions Initiative was established during the German G20 Presidency. It brings together leading think tanks and stakeholders to provide policy solutions to the most relevant global institutions (e.g. G20, G7, OECD, UN, World Bank and WTO).

At the heart of this initiative is the Council for Global Problem-Solving - a network of world-class think tanks with excellent contacts to policy-makers in their respective countries (G7/G20) and a set of think tanks in virtually every country worldwide. The Multi-Stakeholder Council, involving decision-makers from business, politics, and civil society, provides a crucial bridge between the policy proposals and their implementation.

The Global Solutions Initiative supports the G20 think tank agenda 2018:

Global Solutions workshops and related events

The Gateway of India Geoeconomic Dialogue
12-13 March 2018
Mumbai, India

Global Solutions Taipei Workshop 2018
Shaping the Future of an Inclusive Digital Society
28 March 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

ISPI Workshop and Roundtable
9 April 2018
Milan, Italy 

T20 Summit
16-18 September 2018
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Global Solutions Initiative Administration

Prof. Dennis J. Snower, Ph.D.
President, Global Solutions Initiative 
President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy



Dr. Markus Engels
Director, Global Solutions Initiative



Dr. Dennis Görlich
Programme Director,
Global Solutions Initiative
Head, Global Challenges Center
Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Phone: +49 (0)431 8814 325


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