Young Global Changers - Open Call 2018 for the Global Solutions Summit

Young Global Changers programme

The Global Solutions Summit brings visionaries from around the globe to Berlin to contribute their views and ideas to solving big global problems.                                       

We know young people are dedicated to, passionate about and essential for shaping a better future. The Global Solutions Initiative launched the Young Global Changers programme to attract students and young professionals passionate about changing the world for the better. We’re summoning their knowledge and skills to innovate and implement new solutions that can meet today’s challenges.

Become part of the Young Global Changers community, expand your network by meeting and debating with like-minded people from all over the world, and gain free admission to the Global Solutions Summit 2018 in Berlin. 

Summer School programme

Over the course of five days, participants selected for the Summer School will play an active role in the Global Solutions Summit. They will take part in high-level special side events and have the extraordinary opportunity to meet Nobel Laureates. Summer School participants will present their ideas and projects to internationally renowned experts.

The Summer School programme is aimed at people with a passion for change and an educational background in economics, business, or political or social sciences.

The participants of the Summer School will experience the Global Solutions Summit through an innovative workshop and panel process. They will use it to develop global solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our planet. 

For more information about the Young Global Changers programme, the Summer School and how to apply to both, please click here

Programme 2017

Over 1300 early-career professionals from all over the world applied for the programme in 2017. A jury selected 100 of them to come to Berlin, attend the Global Solutions Summit, and work on developing global solutions themselves. 

The Young Global Changers selected were on average 28 years of age, had diverse academic and professional backgrounds, and came from 100 different countries. 

Impressions 2017