Young Global Changers

Young Global Changers programme

The Global Solutions Summit brings the next generation of problem solvers from around the globe to Berlin to contribute their views and ideas.

We know young people are dedicated to, passionate about and essential for shaping a better future. The Global Solutions Initiative launched the Young Global Changers (YGC) programme in 2017 to attract students and young professionals passionate about changing the world for the better. We’re summoning their knowledge and skills to innovate and implement new solutions that can meet today’s challenges.

Young Global Changers 2018

Over 2000 early-career professionals from more than 160 countries applied for the programme. A jury selected 120 of them to come to Berlin, attend the Global Solutions Summit, and work on developing global solutions themselves. 

The selected Young Global Changers 2018 came from more than 80 countries and represent the next generation of global problem solvers.

Global Solutions Summer School

In addition to the Young Global Changers programme, we brought together 50 outstanding young talents with a passion for change and an educational background in economics, business, or political or social sciences to attend the Global Solutions Summer School. During five intense days in capacity building, the participants connected with policy thinkers and policy leaders from think tanks, politics, business and civil society to share ideas and know-how. During workshops and lectures, the participants worked with Nobel laureates, luminaries from academia and economy as well as world-renowned thought leaders. At the Global Solutions Summit, the Summer Schoolers played an active role and exposed the thoughts and ideas of the new generation and of future decision makers to the audience.